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90-Day Supercharged Power Manifestation Challenge

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The Supercharged 90-Day Program is your comprehensive guide to transforming your mindset, mastering powerful practices, and attracting desires will create life-changing experiences. Over the next 90 days, you'll move into a transformational journey with daily practices, interactive exercises, and building strong manifestation habits. What's Included: Supercharged Guidebook: This comprehensive guide lays the foundation for your success with essential knowledge and practices of manifestation. Supercharged Workbook: Put theory into action with this interactive workbook. Craft a personalized manifestation plan, identify and overcome limiting beliefs, and discover powerful techniques to elevate your vibration for effortless manifestation. Supercharged Affirmation Cards: Stay aligned with your manifestations with daily inspirational affirmation and action cards! Daily Manifestation Activities & Checklists: Stay on track and witness progress with a clear system for completing daily manifestation activities. Receive helpful reminders to ensure you don't miss a step. Daily Guided Meditations: Unlock the transformative power of specially designed meditations to elevate your vibration and attract your desires. These meditations are specifically for the evening to help you wind down and solidify your intentions before sleep. Supercharged Community: Join other like-minded individuals who are ready to change their lives and increase their manifesting abilities. Share progress, ask questions, and stay motivated by manifesting with others. This program is perfect if: You crave a deeper transformation and are ready to manifest intricate goals that require sustained commitment and unwavering belief. You desire a complete overhaul in a specific area of your life, such as career, relationships, or finances.

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Supercharged Manifestation Group

Supercharged Manifestation Group

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