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This subliminal is designed to support men to embrace and empower their emperor energy.

Use this subliminal for 21 days for full effect and as needed. 


Vocal affirmations included in this subliminal:

I am an emperor

I make my own rules

I am powerful

I am strong

I am confident

I am a king

I am an emperor

I generate income

I follow through

I am secure

I am stable

I am a leader

I am highly masculine

I am a complex thinker

I am highly successful

I am highly respected

I am committed

I have an empire

I am a ruler

I have a strong attention to detail

I am confident in myself

I trust my capabilities

I am strategic

I am knowledgeable

I trust my knowledge

I trust my actions

I am strong

I have king energy

I answer to myself

I trust myself

Emperor Energy