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This subliminal music track is designed to shift your subconscious beliefs and programming centered around confidence.


This subliminal is best used for boosting confidence and increasing your self-esteem. This subliminal is safe to use every day or whenever you need extra confidence to perform, present, or overcome social anxiety.  


Vocal affirmations included in this subliminal:

I am deeply confident

I am so confident

I am powerful

I am respected

I stand in my confidence

I am seen as confident

I can do anything

I am powerful

I know who I am

I am aware of myself

I can not be broken

I impress myself

I impress others

Others see me as confident

Others trust me

I am trusted

I accept myself

I am strong

I am valued

I am empowered

I shine

I have the strength of a lion

Confidence Boost Subliminal