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A Guide to Reinvent Yourself in One Year (realistically)

Updated: Jan 24

Hello Love Tribe!

The new year of 2024 has started, and we are all (at least most of us) craving some fresh new energy this year after a challenging last few years.

We may have even gone through some major life transitions, lost others that we love, and in some ways, maybe even lost a little bit of ourselves.

In feeling this way, having a deep desire to completely reinvent yourself and reclaim your energy sounds really appealing. And although so many of us want to show up brand new... just how do we actually do that?

In this blog post, I'm sharing all of my tried and true tips towards reinventing yourself in one year in a way that doesn't feel incredibly overwhelming and allows for us to feel completely brand new in just 12 months.

Let's get started.

Create Your Vision

Creating a vision for yourself is the first step before you can dive into doing all of these different things towards reinventing yourself into this new person.

But how can you really create a vision that sticks?

It starts with a desire. Your desire to become a new person or at least shift the aspects of yourself you don't want to take with you is the first place to start. So start with these questions:

  • What do you so deeply want in your heart of hearts to show up in your reality?

  • How do you want to feel when you wake up each day?

  • What kinds of things would you like to do that make you feel incredibly vibrant?

  • After a full day, how would you want to feel knowing you showed up as the best version of yourself?

  • How would you want to appear as your best version?

Create Your Why

When you have a strong personal reason as to why you'd want to become your new reinvented self, you're more likely to stick to taking action towards your goals and new habits. If you have a why that also serves others around you for the greater good as well, this can strengthen your why even further. If we choose something that is more superficial, all of the challenges we'll face just won't seem worth it in the end.

Find Your Gap

Knowing the gap between where you are currently and where you want to be will help you create more realistic expectations for creating your new mindset and eventually your new reinvented self. You'll also be able to create a guide that is customized for you.

Now that you've figured out your vision, it's time to create the how. The how will be through setting the right goals, habits, and creating the best environment for you to thrive. While most of us already know this, we can tend to overwhelm and push ourselves to do more than our brain can really handle, so let's find a manageable way to accomplish these things.


There's a saying that it takes 21 days to create a habit... but that's not really 100% true. Sure, some habits can be done in 21 days, but it can take our minds anywhere between 18-255 days to truly adopt a habit, creating an average of 66 days.

So to ensure you truly master your new habits, set 5 strong habits to adopt or break this year in each area of your life: relationship, finance, personal happiness, health, and one relevant to you. Dedicate a strong two months to one habit at a time so you can master it, and your brain will completely automate it without you even having to put it on your things-to-do list every day. It will just become you.


It is so common for us to create a gazillion goals for ourselves at the start of a new year, only to accomplish barely half of one. After learning about the 12-week year process and choosing 4 goals (one for each quarter) and dedicating a full 12 weeks of putting in the work and action towards those goals, helped me see massive results much faster. I became laser-focused, more intimate with the process, and boosted my level of goal confidence helping to build stronger momentum. So choose 4 big goals for the year and break them up each quarter, be mindful of what goes on during each quarter and the time you truly have to dedicate towards your goals. We set goals when our minds feel positive and like we can do it all, but when life throws us for a loop (and it will) it feels 10x harder to get back up again. You can also get the book "12 Week Year" by Brian Moran to get a deeper understanding of how to do this.

Environmental Shift

It's no secret that our environment affects us. It can create a feedback loop. Our environment reflects back to us what's going on in our mind. So whether everything is cluttered or it resonates with the old version of yourself, your environment will indeed keep you stuck. So think of that new person you're becoming...

  • What kinds of things would you have in your environment?

  • How would it make you feel?

  • What style is present?

  • What would keep you inspired?

Some people have the mindset of, "when I achieve xyz, then I'll change it." It is always the thought that initiates the shift; the shift doesn't come before the mindset. So you have to do all you can to elevate your mindset first, and that includes changing your environment to inspire you to be your very best.


So this concludes what I have to share about actually reinventing yourself realistically in one year. If you can master these things in one year, there's no doubt that you'll absolutely become your new self probably sooner than 12 months. I know all of this sounds great, but there's no comparison to having support, guidance, and fun engaging challenges to shift your mindset and keep you focused, and if that's something you feel you need, you can try the Reinvention Program at HeartBlend Academy for $49.99 as a 4-week guide with 12-month access to support your reinvention journey.

Reinvention Program

This program includes:

  • Empowerment Videos

  • Daily Meditations

  • Subliminals

  • Mantra Sessions

  • Weekly Guidebooks

  • Weekly Challenges {Practical & Metaphysical}

  • Vision Setting

  • Deep Observation

  • Letting Go

  • New Habit Formation

  • Google Sheets Habit Tracker

Essentially everything you could ever need to give yourself an elevated boost towards your reinvention way beyond your peers, friends, and anyone else around you trying to reinvent yourself. They'll come to you and ask, "how did you do it?"

You may keep it as a secret, or share it, it's totally up to you, but for once you'll have someone asking you how you actually changed so rapidly. 😉

For the full podcast on this topic, head over to HeartBlend Podcast and listen to this episode: How To Reinvent Yourself in One Year

Thank you so much for reading, and we'll continue to chat more about completely reinventing ourselves for a brand new energy in 2024.

Love always,

Lindsey Christian 🥰

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