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12 Most Awful Things About the Holidays

woman in light blue shirt showing stress about the holiday season

Is It Really The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Hello, Love Tribe!

As we all know, the holiday season isn't just about joy and cheer; it can be tough for many of us. I'm excited to share my thoughts with you on this topic, especially since this year has been particularly challenging. That's why I've decided to do a special holiday podcast.

The Not-So-Merry Side of Holidays

This season, we're taking a deep dive into the 12 Most Awful Things about the Holidays. It's important to remember that not everything about the holidays is cheery, merry, or magical. We're not alone in this. Whether you're filled with holiday spirit or just not feeling it, know that your experiences and emotions are valid.

1. Emotional Stress:

We all feel the burden of emotional stress during the holidays. Whether it's the pressure of finding the perfect gift, the anxiety of family gatherings, or just general mental stress, it's a common experience for many of us.

2. Layoffs: A Hard Reality

The holidays can bring the unwelcome news of layoffs. It's never a good time for such news, but it's especially hard when you have to face family and friends and discuss your job situation. Remember, you're more than your job status, and you have the strength to move forward.

3. The Complexity of Split Families

For those with split families, the holidays can be a time of stress and chaos. Whether it's parents trying to manage time with their children or individuals moving between households, it's a challenging situation.

4. Family Gatherings: A Mixed Bag

Family gatherings can be a source of joy for some and stress for others, especially in dysfunctional family dynamics. It's okay to set boundaries and stand up for yourself.

5. Unhealthy Habits

The holidays often lead to unhealthy habits like overeating, excessive drinking, and reduced physical activity. Remember, it's about balance, and taking care of your health is important.

6. Financial Stress

The pressure to buy gifts and participate in festivities can lead to financial stress. Remember, your worth isn't measured by the gifts you give. Besides buying gifts, the end of the year can always be tight especially if we've recently lost a job.

7. Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression is so common for many of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere. With less sunlight, our vitamin D consumption is much lower. We can get down and become even more withdrawn. Ensuring you get enough vitamin D and light is crucial. Add brighter colors to your environment or try an adult coloring book to help give your brain a little boost of energy.

8. Isolation and Loneliness

There's nothing worse than feeling lonely during the holidays. Loneliness is one of the most painful emotional wounds to the human spirit and it can truly get us down. It's very easy for us to withdraw even more due to fear of rejection. If you're feeling isolated or lonely, remember that you're part of the Love Tribe and it's almost 8,000 of us here. Remember reach out, join groups, and connect with others.

9. High Expectations

The holidays often come with high expectations, whether it's about gifts, gatherings, or personal achievements. We can really get hard on ourselves. Adding these extra expectations only increase our stress more. Take a moment to breathe and let go of these pressures.

10. Grieving Lost Ones

Losing someone special is never ever easy and it's something we all face or will face at some point in our lives. To not see them there or continuing traditions can be really painful during this time. If you're grieving, remember to keep your loved ones' memories alive. It's okay to feel your loss and honor their presence in spirit.

11. Burnout

Burnout is real, especially during the holidays. Listen to your body and mind, and take time to rest and recharge. Remember that you are an organic being. You must replenish your energy after putting energy out. Don't push yourself beyond your limits. If a job doesn't respect your boundaries, keep an eye out for a new job that will align with you and your wellbeing.

12. The Annual Feeling of Failure

Finally, if you feel like you haven't met your goals this year, know that it's okay. It's common. We do it every year. We make all these goals and feel excited and ready to be a "new person", but after a few weeks or few months, we fall off and try to pick up in September. Obviously that becomes short-lived, because we have the HOLIDAYS to distract us. Around and around we go. Remember, Focus on what you have learned and how far you've come.

Remember To Be Kind

This post is all about empathy and understanding that we're not alone in our holiday struggles. As a special gift, I'm creating a 12 days of meditation series to help us find peace and calm during these times.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and are ready for the new year. Thank you for joining me on the HeartBlend Podcast, and I look forward to bringing you more insightful topics soon.

Remember to listen or watch the full episode at HeartBlend Podcast on Spotify:

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