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about the love transformation course

The Love Transformation Course is designed to help you transform your mindset about love from the inside out. We will discuss several topics to help you shift into a loving mindset to attract the love life you're seeking. This course is broken down into four different levels to suit the level of transformation you're looking for.

Each level contains the previous modules and adds two additional modules.


module 1

  • Healing a Love Scarcity Mindset

module 2

  • Healing a Self-Love Relationship with Yourself

Total Modules: 2

light transformation

module 3

  • Breaking Bad Love Habits

module 4

  • Creating a Love Vision

Total Modules: 4

medium transformation

module 5

  • Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energy

module 6

  • Deep Love Purge

Total Modules: 6


module 7

  • Heart Opening

module 8

  • Manifesting Your Dream Love Life

Total Modules: 8

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