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Reinvention Mindset Program

  • 28jours
  • 114étapes
Les participants ayant complété toutes les étapes recevront un badge à la fin du programme.

À propos

Join our transformative 28 Day Reinvention Program, designed for those at the cusp of change, seeking rejuvenation, or simply yearning for a fresh start. If you're tired of the status quo and ready to inject new energy into your life, this program is your compass toward a revitalized mindset. What you'll find in this exceptional program: 🌅 Morning Meditation Sessions: Begin your day with serenity and purpose, setting the stage for positivity and growth. 🌟 Mantra Sessions: Discover the power of affirmations as you harness their energy to manifest your dreams and desires. 🌆 Evening Meditation Sessions: Wind down with tranquility, finding balance and clarity amidst life's hustle and bustle. 🌠 Weekly Challenges: Embrace the excitement of personal growth through engaging challenges that push your boundaries. 📖 Weekly Reflection: Take time to look within, evaluate your progress, and chart the course for your ongoing transformation. 📘 Weekly Guidebooks: Your trusted companions on this journey, offering insights, wisdom, and practical advice to fuel your reinvention. 👥 Private Community: Connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and draw inspiration from a supportive community that's walking the same path. Revitalize your spirit, reignite your passion, and rewrite your story with our Reinvention Program. It's time to step into the future you've been longing for.

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  • Reinvention Overview
  • Morning Meditation
  • Mantra Session
  • Subliminal Session





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