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Stop the bad habit of picking skin with this subliminal to help you achieve your skin goals.


Positive affirmations included:

  • "I have healthy and clear skin that I cherish."
  • "I am in control of my actions and choose not to pick my skin."
  • "I am patient and gentle with myself, allowing my skin to heal."
  • "I release the urge to pick my skin and embrace healthy habits instead."
  • "I am worthy of self-love and care, free from the need to pick my skin."
  • "I focus on nurturing my skin and promoting its natural healing process."
  • "I am beautiful and confident in my skin, embracing its imperfections."
  • "I redirect my energy towards positive activities that support my well-being."
  • "I release stress and anxiety through healthy coping mechanisms."
  • "I am mindful of my thoughts and emotions, fostering a positive self-image."
  • "I celebrate my progress in overcoming skin picking and embrace self-acceptance."
  • "I am patient with myself during moments of temptation, choosing self-compassion."
  • "I visualize myself with radiant, healthy skin, manifesting it into reality."
  • "I surround myself with supportive and understanding individuals who uplift me."
  • "I forgive myself for past actions and embrace a future of self-care and healing."

Remember to incorporate this subliminal in your daily practice consistently to see results.

Stop Skin Picking Subliminal

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