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This subliminal music track is designed to shift your subconscious beliefs and programming centered around feminine energy. 


This is a highly powerful and effective subliminal. Use this subliminal every day for the next 21 days to achieve maximum results. 



Affirmations Repeated 10x

I am highly feminine

I embrace my feminine energy

I love my feminine energy

I heal my feminine energy

I trust my feminine energy

I allow myself to flow

I feel beautiful

I am deeply magnetic

I have powerful feminine energy

I am an empress

I have goddess energy

I am beautifully feminine

I allow myself to heal

I am so attractive

I allow myself to feel

I am extremely feminine

My feminine energy is healed

I allow myself to receive

I am nurtured

I am nurturing

I am warm

I am affectionate

I am creative

I flow

I am magnetic

I am powerful

I am beautiful

I trust myself

I am deeply intuitive

I am connected to my body

I attract

I receive

I am open

I am gorgeous

I allow

I embrace my emotions

I can heal

Feminine Power Subliminal

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