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Membership Includes:


Cycle Synching Program to start on day 1 of your cycle to have a holistic wellness program that is completely synced with your natural energy levels.

This Program includes:

  • Daily Guided Meditations

  • Weekly Guidebooks

  • The Best Foods for Each Week of Your Cycle

  • The Best Herbs to Support Hormonal Balance

  • The Best Exercises for Each Week of Your Cycle

Pilates Workout
Natural Herbs

Give your feminine energy a boost in just 7 days with new programs every single month. 

Boosters include:

  • Exclusive Meditations

  • How-To Videos

  • Guide Sheets

  • Daily Empowerment Videos

Available 7 Day Programs:


Give yourself a deep energetic reset and raise your vibration in one week. This program covers the following:

  • Energy Audit Guide to Test your Vibration

  • Energy Clearing Techniques

  • How to Create a Clearing Spray Video

  • Mental Clearing Meditation

  • Daily Informational Videos

  • Focus on Home, Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit, and Connection


Become a Love Magnet and give your love life a boost 

in one week. This program covers the following:

  • Energy Audit Guide to Test your Love Vibration

  • Self-Love Boosting Activities

  • Cord Cutting Rituals

  • Exclusive Heart Cleansing Meditations

  • Daily Guidebooks to Support Love Holistically

Best Value

Divine Feminine Energy Membership

25 US$


Cada mes

Feel Like a Goddess Every Single Month

Válido hasta que se cancele
14 días de prueba gratuita

28 Day Moon Cycle Support

Private Community

Exclusive Feminine Energy Content

Leah, CO

My experience with the Moon Cycle Wellness program was nothing short of life changing. This is not an exaggeration. I have lived my life "pushing through" my cycle with misunderstanding, neglect and complete disregard to all of the beauty of what it means to be a woman.
This program breaks down each week concentrating on what we need for support as far as nourishment, mental and emotional awareness and all aspects of true self-care.
The wonder of complimenting each week's differences added clarity to who I am and how I operate. Truly honoring the amazing complexities as a female. Dropping feelings of shame or the feeling that something is wrong with me about how I feel emotionally and physically.
This program teaches you techniques to guide you through the ebb and flows of the month. I highly encourage it! You will be astonished at the peace it brings.
What Women are Saying

Christian, SC

I was looking for stability and balance in my life and found it almost impossible to achieve no matter how many "systems", hacks, prioritization approaches, and brain dumps I could do.
When I decided to give the Moon Cycle Wellness Program a try, it was honestly a godsend. 
No longer do I have to use resistance against who I am. This program completely aligns with my energy levels, body, and mindset every week of my cycle and I feel way more at ease, magnetic, stable, connected with myself, and through this I've actually learned how to nurture myself. I will never ever stop using this program moving forward. It's become a new way of life for me. 
I would highly recommend for any woman to join the Empress Membership especially since there's fun 7 day programs that give that extra boost to get me through the week.

Annie, CA

The advice and information shared has been LIFE CHANGING. I was able to overcome so much with connecting deeper with my body and healing my body image within myself. 
Thank you for all you do.


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