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This subliminal music track is designed to shift your subconscious beliefs and programming centered around being a dream girl.


This subliminal is best for boosting feminine confidence, attracting people towards you, becoming popular, and create your best dream life as a woman. Hologram subliminals project this information outwardly for others to receive subconsciously.



I am everyone’s Dream Girl

I am a powerful woman

I am highly feminine

I am magnetic

I live my best life

I choose the best for me

I am a dream girl

I can have everything I want

Everyone wants me

I am highly accepted

I am extremely beautiful

I am gorgeous

I am vibrant

I am attractive

I am hypnotic

I love the way I look

I am warm

I am confident

I am powerful

I am kind

I am free

I am adorable

I am cherished

Everyone wants to be around me

I choose who I want to be around

I receive everything I want

I am drop dead gorgeous

I have perfect skin

My eyes are beautiful

My hair is beautiful

My body is beautiful

I have an inner glow

I am glowing

Dream Girl Hologram Subliminal

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