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Meet The Creator

Meet The Creator

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Meet Lindsey Christian, Creator & Owner of HeartBlend Academy and Podcast. She is trained in Life Coaching and is a skilled content creator.

In this video, She shares her journey ON how she created HeartBlend Podcast and why her purpose is important for her to pursue with the rest of the world.

purpose statement

The purpose of HeartBlend Academy is to provide a safe and resourceful space for emotional care and support while also assisting others with transforming Their mindset to create their desired reality.

  • How did HeartBlend Academy Get Started?
    HeartBlend Academy begin 2.5 years after HeartBlend Podcast was created in May 2020 and was created by Lindsey Christian, who is passionate about empowering others to live their highest potential.
  • How do I contact someone for support?
    If you have any questions, please send an email to or go to the Office page to send a message with your questions or concerns.
  • Who is HeartBlend Academy For?
    HeartBlend Academy is for anyone who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves holistically, for anyone who is beginning their well-being and personal development journey, and for anyone who is seeking to discover their own inner wisdom.
  • Can I substitute HeartBlend Academy for mental healthcare?
    HeartBlend Academy is a supportive virtual space to support your overall well-being, but it isn't a replacement for professional mental healthcare. All information is in the form of advice, wisdom, perspective, and research, but is not a cure to any mental health illnesses.
  • Can I get a refund for anything I purchase?
    For any Mind Lab or Skill Lab courses, you can request a refund within 7 days of purchasing the course, however the course must be completed prior to receiving the refund. If you made an error in purchasing the course, you have 24 hours within purchasing the course to request a full refund. For the Heart Lab monthly subscription, you are welcome to cancel your subscription, but no refunds will be provided. No refunds are provided for any digital download content.
  • Can I cancel my Heart Lab Subscription?
    Yes, you're free to cancel your monthly subscription for the Heart Lab at any time, just before to cancel before your next billing cycle.
Lindsey Christian, Owner of HeartBlend

"It is my mission is to teach, transform, and uplift those that are seeking deep mental change, emotional support, and a place to get away from all of the chaos in the world."

- Lindsey Christian

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